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On the Rightwing Media and the Spread of the Big Lie

    The advent of the internet has created a means for the rapid dissemination of information. The rapid dissemination may be used for both legitimate information and for innformation of little or no credibility, but the greatest benefit is to the latter group, as it permits the distortion to become "common knowledge" rapidly -- the only way such distortions may gather even the patina of crediblilty. An example....

On Southern Violence, Herding and the Pre-Civilized Man

    It has been noted that violence in America is most pronounced in the inner cities and in South. Understanding the roots of the southern phenomenon is of value because of what it helps us understand about the attitudes of one strain of pro-gun advocates throughout the rest of the country.

Texas and Concealed Carry

    Gov. Bush would like you us to believe that the Concealed carry Law in texas has made Texas a safer place -- and he points to drops in Texas crime rates as evidence. But that neglects overlooks the fact that crime rates have dropping across the nation -- something for which Gov. Bush clearly cannot claim credit. An analysis of major crime data reported to the FBI shows that not only has Texas under Gov. Bush had a higher rate of crime, but that, in general, it has been falling more slowly than the national rate.

Concealed Carry in Texas and Florida

    Continuing on in the same theme, this one looks at Texas and Florida's violent crime rates in comparison to the national rates for the past 20 years


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