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Texas CrimeRates as a Percentage of National Rates

Gov. Bush would like us to believe that the Concealed Carry Law in Texas has made Texas a safer place -- and he points to drops in Texas crime rates as evidence. But that neglects the fact that crime rates have dropping across the nation -- something for which Gov. Bush clearly cannot claim credit. The better comparison is to compare the Texas crime rates to the national rates -- something the above graph does.

The most obvious -- and startling -- trend is that, in spite of Gov. Bush's claim about the effectiveness of Concealed Carry laws, Texas not only has higher than average crime rates rates, it also has lagged behind the nation in the rate at which it has been reducing crime (as evidenced by the rising trends of crime rates in Texas as compared to the national rates). In fact, under Governor Bush's watch, the rate of violent crime in Texas now exceeds the national average (driven by the growth in robberies and aggravated assaults -- two areas where concealed weapons are alleged to be most effective in deterring crimes.)

©Copyright, 2000, Mike Rosenberg