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Pro-Control Advocacy Groups

    Americans for Gun Safety
    The Bell Campaign/Million Mom March Foundation
    Coalition to Stop Gun Violence
    Connecticut Against Gun Violence
    Doctors Against Handgun Injury
    Gun Free Kids
    Handgun Control
    Join Together Online
    Million Mom March
    Pacific Center For Violence Prevention
    Pax - The Movement to End Gun Violence
    Physicians For Social Responsibility

For Kids

    Student Pledge Against Gun Violence
    McGruff(® National Crime Prevention Council)
      McGruff® for Kids

Legal Groups

    American Bar Association Coordinating Committee on Gun Violence
    American Civil Liberties Union
    Legal Community Against Gun Violence
    The Potomac Institute


    Gun Control News on Yahoo
    Editorial Cartoons about NRA

Polls and Surveys

    Guns, The Gallup Organization
    National Gun Policy Survey, National Opinion Research Center
      1998 National Gun Policy Survey
      1999 National Gun Policy Survey
    Various Gun Related Polling Questions from PollingReport.Com


    Federalist Papers from Emory Law School
      Search Federalist Papers
    Supreme Court Decisions from findlaw.com
    Supreme Court Decisions from Cornell University's Legal Information Institute


    Injury Mortality Statistics from the CDC
    Bureau of Justice Statistics
      Homicide trends in the U.S.: Regional trends
      Homicide trends in the U.S.: Weapons used
    Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics
    Uniform Crime Reports from the FBI
    Statistical Abstract of the United States

Other Research

    The Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research
    OpenSecrets.org - Lobbying and Political Costs/Contributions
    Pacific Center For Violence Prevention
    Violence Policy Research Program


    Gun Control Australia
    Australian Institute of Criminology - Australian Crime Statistics
    Crime Statistics
    England and Wales
    Home Office Statistical bulletins
    Criminal Statistics, England and Wales 1999 - report of the Intelligence and Security Committee
      Chapter 3 Recorded crime in which firearms were reported to have been used or misappropriated
    Swiss Embassy - Gun Ownership in Switzerland

Other Lists of Links

    Join Together Online

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