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7/23/2000 Discussion Forum added. We've been a bit quiet the past several weeks, so we thought we'd break out a "big one". We now have a discussion board available. Anyone can read, but only registered participants can post, so we will keep the discussions free of the hit-and-run folks whose primary interest is in disrupting serious conversations. If you are interested in joining, send an e-mail to the Webmaster, including your name, email address and desired user ID and we'll get back to you with your initial password.

David Yassky's Amicus Curiae in the matter of US v. Timothy Joe Emerson. Professor Yassky submitted a amicus curiae brief in what is most likely to be a renegade ruling that stirred up the hopes of the gun lobby and then fizzled. But it's a great (and far more concise than anything we'll post ) answer to the claim the 2nd amendment is some sort of impervious shield against any regulations of firearms.

7/06/2000 Guns in the News, as provided by Join Together Online, added. Also included is access to Join Together Online's data base of Quick Facts and Links.
6/25/2000 John Locke's 2nd Treatise on Government added.
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6/22/2000 On Southern Violence, Herding and the Pre-Civilized Man added.
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