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United States, Supreme Court

    United States v. Cruikshank, 1875
    Presser v Illinois, 1886
    United States v. Miller, 1939

United States, 1st Circuit

    Cases v. United States, 1942

United States, 3rd Circuit

    United States v. Tot, 1942

United States, 6th Circuit

    United States v. Warin, 1976

United States, 7th Circuit

    Quilici v Morton Grove, 1982

United States, 10th Circuit

    United States v. Oakes, 1972

Maryland, Court of Appeals

    Kelly v R.G. Industries, 1985, 1840

Tennessee, Supreme Court

    Aymette v. State, 1840

West Virginia, Supreme Court

    State v. Workman, 1891

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