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The Second Treatise of Civil Government

by John Locke

Chapter I.
Chapter II. Of the State of Nature
Chapter III. Of the State of War
Chapter IV. Of Slavery
Chapter V. Of Property
Chapter VI. Of Paternal Power
Chapter VII. Of Political or Civil Society
Chapter VIII. Of the Beginning of Political Society
Chapter IX. Of the Ends of Political Society and Government
Chapter X. Of the Forms of the Common-wealth
Chapter XI. Of the Extent of the Legislative Power
Chapter XII. Of the Legislative, Executive, and Federative Powers of the Common-wealth
Chapter XIII. Of the Subordination of the Powers of the Common-wealth
Chapter XIV. Of Perogative
Chapter XV. Of Paternal, Political and Despotical Power considered together
Chapter XVI. Of Conquest
Chapter XVII. Of Usurpation
Chapter XVIII. Of Tyranny
Chapter XIX. Of the Disolution of Government


   The text digitized by Dave Gowan.
   John Locke's "Second Treatise of Government" was published in 1690. The complete unabridged text has been republished several times in edited commentaries. This is based on the paperback book, "John Locke Second Treatise of Government", Edited, with an Introduction, By C.B. McPherson, Hackett Publishing Company, Indianapolis and Cambridge, 1980. None of the McPherson edition is included in the Etext; only the original words contained in the 1690 Locke text is included. The 1690 edition text is free of copyright.
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